Dictionary Game

The Dictionary Game is a favorite pastime at the Center, especially during Members-Only activities like the monthly Birthday Bash. We find a word in the dictionary that no one in the group knows, and then everybody writes up one (or more) definitions for it. The real definition is also included in the pile, though it is often rewritten to sound less believable. Then we read off all the definitions and vote on which one we think is real.

Here are some of the unusual words we've found in the dictionary in the past, and definitions we've created for them. We've even included the "real" definition sometimes with some of the not-so-real ones. Can you locate any real ones?

  1. Repand
    1. Cook in pan, broil in glass dish, return to pan for serving
    2. To reincarnate in the next life as a giant panda
    3. To sift through again, i.e., he repand the stream for gold
  2. Emarginate
    1. The violent physical reaction following the consumption of too many margaritas
    2. The addition of Vitamin E to normal margarine
  3. Quassin
    1. A game piece used in the ancient Egyptian game of Pharo
    2. Quasimodo's cousin
    3. A crescent-shaped pastry, also known as a croissant
  4. Vulpine
    1. a cleaning agent often used on the inside of volcanoes
  5. Muntjac
    1. A man in a plaid shirt who cuts down munts.
  6. Coxswain
    1. An oldie term used in Irish ballads to express when "the twain shall meet." Modern colloquial saying meaning to meet at the bar after work.
    2. What spwinkles on you if you're standing under a twee full of woosters that have been dwinking a wot of water.
    3. In the later portion of a rooster's life, his ability to make loud crowing noises at sunrise diminishes. This is the Middle English word to describe the waning of the cock.
  7. Dornick
    1. This word is a contraction that evolved over many centuries. Originally people who appreciate Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) would say, "I adore St. Nick." Then later, just "Dornick."
    2. An infamous door mouse named Nick who lived in Louis VI's palace. Nick was known to only eat camembert cheese. Henceforth, to be dornick is to be choosy about your choices of cheeses.
  8. Mountebank
    1. A Canadian financial system whereby Mounties deposit their savings in hollow logs which are monitored regularly by fellow Mounties on horseback to insure the safety of the cache.
  9. Pichiciego
    1. In Scotland, in the Autumn, local car dealerships band together to "pitch a Ciego." A ritual in which a small foreign-made car is tossed as far as possible in protest of the increasing import taxes levied on the automobile industry. The winner pays no taxes for the new year.
  10. Bandicoot
    1. A band's oldest groupie.
    2. A piece of rawhide used to restrict blood flow and render one sterile.
  11. Mootman
    1. Another name for Tootman, a superhero
  12. Breeks
    1. A Scottish word for pants, as in "Get those breeks on your cheeks, laddie, we're gonna take a wee walk in the gloamin."
    2. The howling, screeching winds that come to the highlands of northern Ireland in the dead of winter. It is always accompanied by indigo clouds that cast a blue pall over the land.
    3. The moment of sudden, almost devastating joy felt in a dream of flying.
    4. A type of vegetable where upon the root is sauteed and sprinkled with tear-inducing spices: the essential accompanying delicacy of the Bovine Featured Blood-Sucking O types who roamed the earth in a depraved intoxicated blood lust sucking the entrails of their still-living prey and baying at the moon.
    5. Beware of Breeks bearing brifts.
  13. Borborygmous
    1. The loud rumbling, burbling noises in one's stomach.
    2. The aura of malaise that creeps up upon middle-aged men in church pews on the sabbath.
    3. New Zealand word used by the artistic population to describe the non-creative element of society.
  14. Gurry
    1. The act of rubbing one's knuckles on another's head while chanting "Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!"
    2. Nirvana for the Klingon roach
    3. Fish offal
  15. Lixiviate
    1. To wash the crap out of something
    2. To lick a deviant
    3. To be in a state of levitation when the sun goes nova
    4. To have more than one species in bet at any given moment
    5. A species of Martian carnivore, Lixiviatum Eatalatum, which had a brief heyday on Earth until it was finally eradicated during a 1950's B-grade scifi flick.
  16. Gadroon
    1. Biting off and chewing the ass of a chocolate Easter bunny
    2. A human relative of the baboon family. Usually referred to as "Jim Bob" or "Billy"
  17. Collywobbles
    1. The Irish term for Montezuma's revenge
    2. A bellyache
    3. A game, much like Hide and Seek, when played within the artichoke of the mind.
    4. Those things that come in the night, hide in the closet and under the bed, get in your head and cause nightmares.
  18. Scuppernong
    1. A long operatic epic poem from ancient Crete found in a cave pictograph
    2. A painting by Salvador Dali depicting Jesus seated at a table breaking bread and drinking wine with his disciples, entitled "The Last Scuppernong"
    3. The dominant, tallest feather on the head of the "Galapagos Slacker or Hippy" bird
  19. Guttate
    1. In Africa, to find who is the richest in a tribe - every year there is a guttage held to measure the Guttate of the male members stomachs. Members work all year to prepare for the Guttage Ceremony.
    2. The last ten feet of the intestines of a raccoon - thought to be the most delicious part of the animal.
  20. Purse seine
    1. A type of mental illness where the individual appears normal as long as they are carrying their favorite purse. When itÕs lost, they begin non-stop screaming.
    2. A French lullaby, sung into a plastic purse to bring reverberating depth to the rendition of the ditty. Not a good way to put one to sleep.
    3. If you purse-ooo the purse, it will make you seine (sane!)
    4. Mesh filter at a sewage treatment plant that screens out money.
  21. Besom (pronounced Bee-zum)
    1. A teeny-tiny bison.
    2. A little bitty bee bosom.
  22. Vibrissae
    1. What happens to your brain if left under the hair dryer too long.
    2. A hippy commune in New Hampshire noted for the way they shake their naked booty.
    3. A prissy vibrator for girly girls.
    4. The preferred wave length used in a seance by a ghost.
    5. The final stage of testing for box springs at the factory; required before final approval and certification.
    6. To shake the whiskers of a cat.