Making Poly Relationships Work

Polyamorous relationships can be amazingly rewarding, and they can also be a colossal challenge. Personal Growth Sessions for polys (individuals, couples, triads, quads or moresomes) are available either by phone (call 512-441-8988) or in person here in Austin, Texas at The Human Potential Center. These sessions help defuse arguments and improve communication between you and your significant others. By learning to speak so you can be heard, and to listen so that your lovers feel comfortable enough to speak, you will be creating the exciting, creative, supportive relationships you've imagined were possible.

These sessions are offered by the founder and director of the Center, Robert McGarey, M.A. Robert McGarey, M.A. Bob has been poly for over 25 years, and he is currently part of a wonderful poly quad. During those 25 years, he has learned a great deal about the challenges poly presents to individuals, couples and groups, as well as the many rewards that can be received from loving more than one person at a time. He particularly enjoys working with poly clients because he believes that they are the pioneers who are creating new possibilities for more powerful ways to love during the current century.

Although Bob is the Executive Director of The Human Potential Center and is poly himself, the Center is not specifically about poly, but rather about helping people choose ways of living that are in keeping with who they are and what they desire for their lives. For some people, that means choosing conventional careers, relationship styles and spiritual paths, whereas for others it means choosing alternative career paths, lifestyles and spiritualities. We support people choosing any approach that respects other people and increases the creativity, love and playfulness in the world. For more information, visit our page on alternative lifestyles.

Bob is author of the Poly Communication Survival Kit, and has offered numerous workshops at national poly conferences. He has also presented literally thousands of workshops and classes over the years on personal-growth topics ranging from Self-Esteem and Assertiveness to Career Testing and Dreams.

Bob perfers to arrange Personal Growth Sessions (whether they are in-person or by telephone) on weekday afternoons, but some evening and weekend appointments are available. Sessions are available on a sliding-scale basis, and there is no additional charge for working with more than one (or two or three...) persons.

Here's a link to some additional poly resources and web sites.

What Clients Say

Leslie Harvey from Austin, Texas says:

I'm in a triad myself and we went to Bob for help when we hit a pretty big wall. I'm here to say that Bob is indeed a STUPENDOUSLY TERIFFIC counselor! He was able to help us communicate and break through the barriers we'd kept up between us for years.

We 3 are stronger and happier than we've ever been before, and we believe that it is in large part due to Bob's insight and compassion. I would highly reccommend him as a poly counselor and a personal growth counselor.

Robie Kentspeth from Austin, Texas says:

I have heard from several sources that he is a wonderful counselor. He does his best to get you going on your own path of self-healing. He's not interested in keeping his clients seeing him; he's interested in helping them to help themselves. I know that's the avowed goal of most mental health practitioners, but I've heard that this is not just a goal for his patients, but the reality.

In my own experience, he is compassionate and empathetic. He was the first person that I thought of for counseling in going through the grief and fear of my recent illness. He and I had a wonderful phone call (he wasn't available to meet me) and it was a terrific experience.

Keith and Sheila from Austin, Texas say:

My wife and I are involved in a Vee and although we have experience in Quads, and Triads, this is our first expereince with a Vee. We went to see Bob last week, as we often have over the last 5 years or so. He helped us look at quite a few issues that we had not even considered and from angles that only a therapist skilled in the art of poly could even come close to suggesting.

We often kid around in our friendship circle, many of whom have met Bob, that to see another therapist would be kind of silly. First of all, you have to spend your own money catching the therapist up on poly, THEN you can start in on the real issues a few sessions later. With Bob, you can hit the ground running.

We have another appointment set for next week and we can't wait.

A. B. from Austin, Texas says:

My girlfriend and I knew we loved each other very much, but couldn't balance our seemingly conflicting interests for freedom and security. Bob has a perspective in this area that few have.

We were surprised at how quickly we were able to reach a better understanding of each other and reach an agreement by which both of us got our interests 100% met. Bob is very efficient at getting to the "heart" of matters.

S. M. from Houston, Texas says:

I have a therapist who is really great, but on this subject of poly, I did seek out a "specialist" who is himself Poly and has been for 23 years. I have to tell you that I experienced the most amazing relief after my telephone session with Bob and would HIGHLY recommend finding someone like him when you want to work on poly issues. Not only did he listen and provide support, but he also had some great advice which I've discussed with my partner and we are working through things really well.

What is Polyamory?

Polyamory is the belief that having open, honest, loving relationships with more than one person at a time is a valid lifestyle choice for some people. Polyamory is not swinging because the main focus is love rather than sex. And polyamory is not cheating, since honesty and truthfulness are central to the practice of polyamory.

Poly relationships come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs and desires of those involved. There are threesomes, foursomes and moresomes; heterosexual, lesbian, gay and bisexual involvements; long-term commitments and short-term arrangements. There are primary, secondary and tertiary relationships, and other relationships that defy categorizing or prioritizing.

One of the best resources for learning about polyamory and locating books, local groups and other essential information is Loving More magazine. Bob recommends it highly; his own library contains nearly every issue they've ever published. You can contact them by email at, visit their web site at, send them mail at P.O. Box 4358, Boulder, CO 80306, or phone them at (303) 543-7540.

Here's a link to some additional poly resources and web sites.

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