Bodywork Intensive

with Pamela Chambers, RMT

Pam Chambers

A Bodywork Intensive is a 90-minute massage experience that combines relaxation-oriented and deep tissue massage with energy work. We also have a chance to explore the way that your thoughts, emotions and spiritual state affect your body, and vice versa.

Why get a massage? The first answer that comes to my mind is "...because I deserve to feel good about myself, nurtured and cared about. And I deserve the healthy benefits that massage gives my body, mind and emotions!" I can't think of a more appropriate first response.

Massage affects us positively in many ways. It produces relaxation, stress reduction and a greater sense of wellness. Massage is well-known for improving circulation, soothing the nervous system, and toning and relaxing muscles. And these physical benefits are just the beginning. In Massage for Wellness, I work with a client to accomplish even more. I help clients learn how their body, mind and emotions work together. Exploring how our bodies react to our day-to-day activities, how we hold ourselves and our stress, and how our bodies store our anger, hopes and fears is an ongoing exercise in improving our awareness.

Speaking from my personal experience, when I receive a good massage it helps me become more aware of my body and observe my own reactions more effectively in unexpected circumstances. Now when I experience stress I can recognize body signals I may have ignored in the past and respond to the situation more effectively. As a massage therapist, I do my best to help you achieve this same kind of awareness.

Touch is always important in massage. When I do a massage, though, I like to think I'm touching a client not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually - that I'm helping clients learn about themselves and feel respected and cared for. These are the indispensible ingredients of a great massage.

Fees and Scheduling Appointments

Call the Center at (512) 441-8988 to make an appointment, or email us at The fee for massage is $90 for an hour-and-a-half appointment. Some sliding scale arrangements may also be available.