Analea McGarey, R.P.T.

Analea is a Registered Physical Therapist who, for the past 30 years, has been practicing natural, holistic physical therapy in and around the Sonoma and San Francisco Bay Area. She received her degree in 1971 from the School of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.

Analea has taught classes for the New School of Massage in Marin County, for the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona, for the ARE Family Camp Program at Asilomar Conference Center, and has taught many workshops on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. She co-founded Jupiter Hollow, a private school for massage, in 1979 and was both Co-Director and Head Instructor for 10 years.

The focus of her work has been the integration and balance of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual and how this relates to their personal health.

She is the author of Born To Heal, the biography of her mother, Gladys Taylor McGarey.

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